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Shota Yabe
Yabe Shota.png
Japanese Name 矢部 正太
Rōmaji Name
Alias Brute Gorrilla
Gender Male
Height 168cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Brute
Affiliation Mitsukado Zaibatsu
Debut Chapter 5; Episode 2
Seiyuu Yosuke Kobayashi
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Yabe Shota was a member of Mitsukado Zaibatsu.


Shota had black hair that was fashioned in a bowl cut, brown eyes, and wore round-frame glasses. He mainly dresses in a button down shirt with a belt and khaki pants.


Outside of battle he seems calm and friendly but once in battle he show a merciless beast who despises cowards since they remind him of how he use to be before becoming a hybrid.


Battle Mode[]

Shota in his battle mode – Brute Gorilla.

Brute Gorilla (獣闘士 (ブルート) () () () Burūto Gorira?) - Shota was able to transform his body to gain the characteristics and abilities of the gorilla. When fighting in Killing Bites, Shota preferred to using a partial transformation instead of a full transformation, mainly altering his arms to opt for physical strength in battle, in addition to changing his teeth to become jagged and sharp. Since his partial transformation lifted his feet off the ground, Shota's mobility were left to his enlarged arms.

Stats Strength Speed Technique Intelligence Endurance Spirit
Brute Gorilla's Stats.png 5/5 3/5 3/5 5/5 3/5 2/5
  • Enhanced Strength: As a gorilla hybrid, Shota gained the animal's muscle power, having the grip strength of about 500 kilograms and the punching force of more than 1 metric ton. With his enlarged fists, Shota was able to send an average size man like Taiga flying backwards with one blow and break apart trees with ease.


Gorilla Hammer ( (ゴリ) () (ハン) (マー) Gorira Hanmā?): Shota jumps towards his target with his two gorilla hands together and brings them down like a hammer to deliver a strong blow. Shota attempted to use this technique against Kido, but was unable to complete the attack after the Brute bisected him midway, leaving the attack's full effects unknown.


Shota makes a temporary alliance with Ryuji in order to bring down Taiga, but fails. He then tries to face both Ui and Ichinosuke, but they escape him. Shota manages to trap Ui, ends up damaging several trees doing so in his mad attempts, forgetting that Kido despises anyone who damages the forest. Kido, disgusted at Shota's reckless behavior and sadism, rips Shota in half and beats his corpse into pieces; but leaves Ui alive.

Major Battles[]


The Real Reasons that Kido blames Him for taking down the Natures instead of Ui Inaba's Fault

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