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While it is unknown as to where she originated from, what she was, or how she was born, Hitomi somehow became blessed with animal genes from the moment of her birth that gave her the appearance and mannerisms of a wild beast. During her feral childhood, Hitomi resided in Hong Kong where she went around stealing food to survive, catching attention from the locals in the process who gave her the name Chùshēng (畜牲?). Eventually, Hitomi was approached by Shidou Reiichi who had planned to study her for his research. Hitomi distanced herself from Shidou at all times whenever he came to meet her but gradually started to become fond of him. After protecting her from a group of bad men from the Chinese mafia, Hitomi came to trust Shidou enough to go along with him.

Killing Bites Destroyal Arc[]

Hitomi defeats Brute Leo in her first Killing Bites match.

While walking along the streets, Hitomi is taken by a group of college students and His Boss named Houjou who prepare to violate her but are slaughtered by her for their transgression. She then tells the driver, Nomoto Yuuya, who stopped the van due to not wanting to continue any further with this act, to keep driving, as well as warn him to not look behind to see the carnage. After making Yuuya stop at a junkyard, Hitomi calls Shidou Reiichi to tell him she and Yuuya have arrived at the site for her first Killing Bites match with the Brute Leo. She then turns around to see Yuuya missing but soon finds him after he confronted and angered Leo. Hitomi confronts her Killing Bites opponent and offers Yuuya's life as collateral as she changes into her Brute Ratel form. As she begins to mock Leo, Hitomi is sent crashing by Leo and is hit with a series of attacks. Despite being injured, Hitomi manages to bite off three of Leo's fingers and wins her match by finishing him off with Slash. She is then taken to Yuuya's apartment to have her wounds looked at.

Hitomi agrees to temporarily affiliate with Ishida Zaibatsu.

The next day, Hitomi has Yuuya follow him to a dessert restaurant to meet up with Shidou Reiichi who assigns Hitomi as Yuuya's bodyguard while Yuuya is forced to become her investor. Later, Hitomi demands Yuuya to go out to fetch the things she has listed with the other intention of using him as bait to lure out enemies out looking for her. After Brute Raudi attacks Yuuya, Hitomi appears to confront her but has her fight interrupted by Okajima Ichinosuke who has come looking for Hitomi to join Ishida Zaibatsu for the Killing Bites Destroyal. Hitomi refuses, having too much confidence in her strength, however, after she gets a text from Reiichi instructing her to join Ishida Zaibatsu, Hitomi agrees to temporarily affiliate herself with Ishida Zaibatsu.

Hitomi accompanies Yuuya to the hospital to treat his injuries and to his college where she meets one of his friends, who she found to be annoying, and sits through a boring classroom lecture. She then goes to the bathroom and is met by Nakanishi Eruza, a Brute from Yatsubishi Zaibatsu who has come to pick a fight with her by stealing her underwear. Hitomi enters her battle mode and chases after Eruza whose speed is too fast for her to catch up. Eruza swiftly gets on top of Hitomi and enters her battle mode, revealing herself as Brute Cheetah and makes an incoming blow to her neck. However, Hitomi intercepts it by using her fangs to bite down on her paw, causing Eruza to back away. They are then interrupted by Yabe Shota and Brute Bear who warns them that fighting between Brutes are forbidden until the Killing Bites Destroyal, however, Hitomi ignores what Shota had to say and rushes in to attack. She sees that he managed avoid it by grabbing on to a tree branch and is stopped by Eruza from continuing to cause any further violence.

To make sure that Hitomi does not engage in any fights before the Destroyal, Eruza follows her to meet back with Yuuya in his club room and are asked by him to wear maid outfits given to him by Moriyama to convince him and the others that their cosplayers after exposing their transformations. Hitomi declines his request at first but changes her mind after Eruza offers to teach her partial transformation if she wears the outfits with her. The two walk out wearing the outfits and pose for the college students, which Hitomi found to be oddly enjoyable. Later, in a restaurant, Hitomi is told by Eruza that she should think about finding another investor before the Destroyal since Yuuya is unskilled as a player but tells her that she is okay with having Yuuya since she can use him to do whatever she wants. Hitomi returns to Yuuya's apartment and has him accompany her to the park to discuss matters before the upcoming event.

The Ishida Zaibatsu Team.

After a week passed, Hitomi attends the Destroyal dinner party and reunites with Tani Yuugo, Brute Leo, who came to wish her and Yuuya good luck in the competition, though she does not remember who he was. Hitomi then reunites with Eruza and meets her older brother, Nakanishi Taiga, who becomes disappointed that Yuugo will not be participating in the Destroyal. Shortly after, the rules of the Killing Bites Destroyal are explained by Shindou, much to Hitomi's excitement to see him, telling them that the Brutes will fight to the death on Nakijama and will be instructed by their players as to how many spaces they are to move. Before landing on the island, Hitomi, Ichinosuke, and Inaba Ui are begged by men from the Ishida Zaibatsu to win, to which Hitomi assures them that they will do fine.

Brute Ratel wins against Brute Bear.

Having arrived at the island, Hitomi uses the tactic she told Yuuya to use prior to the Destroyal where she instructs him on the monitors using signals to tell him where she wishes to move. She is then confronted by Jerome Hongou, Brute Bear, the Brute she previously met at Yuuya's college. Hongou transforms and throws his first attack at Hitomi but is instantly defeat by her, having already figured out his fighting style when he first attacked her. Shortly after, Yuuya chooses to move Hitomoi of his own accord to Eruza's location in order to give assistance to her after she runs into trouble with Kazama Kaede (Brute Gecko) and Onuma Den (Brute Cobra). Hitomi becomes surprised that Yuuya would boldly make this action without her permission but smiles knowing that it was the right course of action.

Brute Ratel wins against Brute Cobra.

Hitomi manages to arrive at Eruza's location and attacks Den who kept Eruza restrained but finds herself having trouble fighting against Kaede. Eruza steps in to tell Hitomi that her fight is with Kaede and interfere. Hitomi agrees to leave Kaede to Eruza and turns her attention to fighting Den. Hitomi allows herself to become wrapped with Den's cobra body and frees herself as a way to not having to worry about him moving around. She then jumps in at the right side of Den's injured eye done by Eruza earlier, thinking that it is his blind spot, but is hit by his tail after the latter uses his ability to track her scent. She then comes in for another attack, however, she falls unconscious after being paralyzed by Den's Cobra Mist. Den uses the opportunity to rape Hitomi in her unconscious state but is torn apart after Hitomi awakens due to her resistance to cobra venom. After her victory against Brute Cobra, Hitomi checks on Eruza's match with Kaede and is surprised to see that they are both still fighting. Kaede then flees the scene after her player instructs her to move to another location.

Brute Ratel fights Brute Tiger.

With Kaede gone, Hitomi and Eruza move towards having rematch but lose their senses to the aphrodisiac pheromones created by Rikujou Kaori (Brute Civet). However, Hitomi returns to normal after having a past memory of Shindou and pushes Eruza away. She then confronts Kaori and attacks but finds herself facing against Taiga (Brute Tiger) after making his arrival. Hitomi sees that Den is still alive after jumping beside her and demands to the camera crew to take him to the hospital to recover. Hitomi turns her attention back to Taiga who tells her that he is unconvinced that she managed to defeat Leo. She is then seemingly hit by Taiga's deadly attack but stands back up after Taiga notices that she managed to dodge it. Hitomi takes another hit from Taiga's Kohou and manages to stand back up once again with the help of her pelt. However, she coughs up blood from the attack but is starting to notice the timing in Taiga's attack to prepare for a counterstrike. Just as Inaba arrives to warn Hitomi about a dangerous Brute coming to the area, Taiga takes Hitomi seriously and uses Zessou to try and finish her off. Hitomi manages to track Taiga from behind her, but before she could do anything, she is hit with a surprise attack by Kido's (Brute Pangolin) tail, sending her back unconscious.

Brute Ratel vs. Brute Pangolin.

While unconscious, Kido takes down both Taiga and Ichinosuke. Inaba knows that it is dangerous for her and Hitomi to stay for much long and tries to dig her way out. However, Hitomi regains conscious and awakens her true form. She then looks at Kido about to face Eruza and states that she also wants to take part in the fight. Hitomi first body slams Kido and sits on his tail with full delight of knowing that she can fight a sturdy opponent. Kido has Hitomi off his tail and delivers powerful blows to her body. However, Hitomi shows no signs of damage and injuries Kido by slashing him upwards, along with an added comment, stating that she found him to be the easiest of all her opponents she has faced so far. She jumps in for another attack but sees that Kido has rolled up in his defensive shell. She then kicks him towards near by trees, resulting in him becoming enraged and changing into a more powerful form due to his taboo about destroying nature.

Brute Ratel brings down Brute Pangolin.

Hitomi wonders as to what has come over Kido but then notices that her right arm has been severed by his razor sharp tail, causing her to cry out in pain but quickly regains her composure shortly after. Hitomi is ultimately overwhelmed by his attacks and is stabbed in the back by his tail. As Kido prepares to finish her off, Hitomi manages to move out of the way on time while barley conscious and throws her severed arm, piercing Kido's wounded eye socket. She then jumps in close to him with a smile on her face, causing Kido to remember his mother in the process, and thrusts her claw in his mouth to penetrate his skull, defeating the Brute down. After gaining victory, Hitomi collapses from exhaustion. However, Kido stands back up and readies himself to kill Hitomi but is brought down once and for all after Eruza comes in to cut his neck, stealing the victory. Though the opportunity presented itself, Eruza decides to not kill Hitomi while unconscious.

With only Inaba being the only Brute left alive, Eruza goes after her but is unexpectedly taken down by a swift accidental kick by her, making Inaba the surprising winner of the Killing Bites Destroyal. Inaba takes the time to perform first aid to Hitomi's injuries but is attack by a group of Brute Chameleons sent by Sumitomo Miyabi to kill the surviving Brutes. However, Shinozaki Mai arrives to put a stop to the assassination attempt and reports this event to Shidou.

Hitomi "kills" Yuuya.

Two weeks after the Destroyal, Hitomi texts Yuuya to meet her at the junkyard where they first met. The two reunite and become happy to see each other again. Yuuya gives Hitomi his gratitude for making him develop the will to fight during the Destroyal and that he has come to understand her philosophy. Hitomi felt as though Yuuya was making a love confection and blushes at the situation. She genuinely says that she is grateful for everything that he has done to support her and slashes his body, revealing that she has been ordered by Shindou to kill him since he was in the way of his plans. She is then driven away by Shibayama who tells her that she should not feel sad since Yuuya would eventually meet his end after they crossed paths. Though she had tears running down her face, Hitomi denies the fact that she was feeling sad.

Carrot Field Arc[]

Following the legislation of Therianthropes, Hitomi became revered amongst the society of Therianthropes after word spread of her win against Brute Leo and her incredible match against Kido in the Destroyal. She continued to be under service to Shidou and was ordered by him to be forbidden from participating in any further Killing Bites matches. Because of this, Hitomi's whereabouts became unknown to the world of Killing Bites.

Hitomi takes down Inui Pure.

After two years passed, Hitomi walks in on a high school fight between Inui Pure, Brute Beagle, and Igawa Chiyomatsu, Brute Giraffe, and becomes eager to join in. Although Igawa reminds her that she is under orders not to engage in any fights, Hitomi ignores his warnings and comes face to face with Pure who she found to be interesting after watching her attempts to take down Igawa. She then quickly defeats her after the latter tried to attack her and stands in front of Kuroi Tasuku while barley looking at her direction. Igawa tells Hitomi that the fight is over and will be forced to contact the Administration Bureau if she continues any further. Hitomi understands the situation agrees to walk away.

Later, Hitomi and Eruza watch as Brute Beagle fight against Brute Wolf in Carrot Field. After taking a close look at one of the spectators, Hitomi is shocked to see that Yuuya is alive and becomes furious by the time the match is over. She then reports to Shidou that he has survived and tells him that she will make sure that he is dead.

Hitomi reunites with Yuuya after two years.

Once the matches at Carrot Field were over, Hitomi confronts Yuuya and Pure at the park. Hitomi thwarts Pure's attack on her, after the latter sensed her intentions on killing Yuuya, and looks at Yuuya, angrily demanding to know how he survived her assassination. Yuuya changes the subject on why Hitomi tried to kill him and pours out the grief she has burden him with on his new life. Hitomi says that she does not sympathize with him and becomes angry after Yuuya makes a negative comment about Shidou. Hitomi then hears Pure commenting on how Yuuya wanted to meet her again, which Yuuya agreed and reveals that he knows Shidou ordered her to kill him after the end of the next Killing Bites and plans to train Pure to become strong enough to best Hitomi until then. Hitomi lets Pure go and accepts Yuuya's challenge while also telling him not to die until then.

Killing Bites Deathival Arc[]

While at the stadium, Hitomi confronts Yuuya who she thinks is planning on interfering with the preliminaries of the Killing Bites Deathival after overhearing his conversation on the phone with Seira. Yuuya suggests that they go to the preliminaries together since he could tell that she wanted to fight Eruza and Taiga. Hitomi denies his allegation since she has been ordered by Shidou to not participate. However, Yuuya says that if Shidou's orders to her were to just watch him then she would have no choice but to follow him to the park. Hitomi tells Yuuya that it will be pointless to do anything since he is not a Therianthrope, but is shocked to find out that he is able to transform as well.

Hitomi searching for Yuuya at the Killing Bites Deathival.

After arriving at Jutrick Park to search for Yuuya, Hitomi is hit from behind by a surprise attack by Brute Walrus but quickly finishes him off. Her search then leads her to taking down multiple Brutes participating in the tournament, which soon makes her realize that she is disobeying Shidou's orders but becomes happy to once again participate in Killing Bites. While still in pursuit of Yuuya, Hitomi reunites with Onuma Den who has been given a job by the Ishida Zaibatsu to inspect this years Killing Bites participants and asks if she had any relations with a mysterious Brute by the name of Uzaki Nodoka. Hitomi says that she does not know who she is but tells Onuma to take her to her location after becoming curious to find out her backstory.

Brute Ratel fighting Brute Tasmanian Devil.

Hitomi eventually arrives with Onuma at the scene where Uzaki Nodoka, in her uncontrollable Gigant Megatherium mode, is wrecking havoc by taking down the Brutes in the tournament. While in her Origin Beast Mode, Hitomi attacks Nodoka and becomes strong enough to take her down by piercing through her right eye. Hitomi becomes unimpressed with her after being quickly defeated. She then blocks an attack from Pure who demands that she no longer hurt Nodoka. After recognizing who she was, Hitomi becomes eager to fight her, but sees Kuroi Tasuku, Brute Tasmanian Devil, stepping in on wanting to fight Hitomi herself. Hitomi vaguely remembers her from the last time they met but brushes it off and attacks. She then jumps back after seeing that two of her fingers have been bitten off by Tasuku, resulting in her asking what she was. Tasuku tells Hitomi her identity and calls her out as an idiot for not remembering her at first, causing Hitomi to become irritated after being insulted. As the two engage in a heated battle, Hitomi becomes impressed with Tasuku and wishes to fight against her more. Tasuku then manages to bypass Hitomi's resilient fur by biting off a piece of her shoulder. Hitomi leaves herself wide open for Tasuku to attack once again. However, she becomes shock to see Tasuku's body split in half by Nodoka after awakening.

Brute Ratel slashes Gigant Megatherium.

Hitomi is knocked off Nodoka's back and sees that she has regained consciousness. She becomes angry with her for interrupting her enjoyable fight with Tasuku and thrusts her claws in Nodoka's injured right eye to bring her more pain. However, this proves to be ineffective as Hitomi right leg is severed by one of Nodoka's large claws, causing her to suffer extreme agony. Hitomi then lays helpless as Nodoka prepares to stomp her but is managed to be saved on time by Yuuya while using his partially transformed wings. He then hugs her in relief after checking to see if she was okay. Despite her bad condition, Hitomi readies herself to fight Nodoka once again. She manages to react on time to Nodoka's attack, severs one of her giant claws and dodges a potentially fatal blow while airborne but loses her left arm after having it caught by another attack from her giant claws. Hitomi then comes in to deliver a giant Slash to Nodoka's shoulder. Although she found her fight to be exciting, Hitomi sees that she can not endure for much long while trying to dodge Nodoka's attacks and yells out to Yuuya to quickly initiate his plan to put an end to the battle. She then starts to feel herself becoming exhausted and falls to ground where she looks as Nodoka brings her giant foot down on her. However, in the nick of time, the battle comes to an end after Pure dives down on Nodoka's wound created by Hitomi and emerges out of her abdomen with her internal organs ripped out. As she falls back after reaching her limit, Hitomi becomes interested in Pure after seeing her finishing move and hopes that she can fight her the next time they meet.

Killing Bites Sudden Death Arc[]

Hitomi is quickly taken by Yuuya to a hospital run by the Ishida Zaibatsu and undergoes surgery to have her limbs reattached. She then recuperates, with Yuuya looking after her, until her left arm is fully healed. Later, Hitomi is reunited with Shidou who came to apologize for having her in intensive care but is apologized by her for being involved in the tournament. She then promises to not participate in Killing Bites again but is told by Shidou that he approves of her taking part in the finals. However, upon overhearing there conversation, Yuuya comes in and boldly states to Shidou that he will not allow Hitomi to participate in the finals since has not fully recovered. This prompts Hitomi to punch Yuuya out of the room and yells at him furiously for disrespecting Shidou and thinking that he owns her. She then demanded to know why he came to see her, which Shidou explains was because he called him. Thinking that he might be in his way, Hitomi offers to kill Yuuya on the spot but is ordered not to since he is now a valuable asset.

In the finals, Hitomi is matched with Gotoh Haiji, Brute Ibex. Before going to face her, Hitomi catches Yuuya excited over Pure's victory in her match and kicks him over a cliff after she hears him stating that he wishes that she would rethink about competing. Yuuya saves himself by manifesting his wings and tells Hitomi that he is worried for her since she is unable to make use of her left arm, saying that she will lose her life if she competes. Despite knowing the risk, Hitomi says that she wants to die doing what she loves and that her paralyzed left arm will not be a problem for her.

Brute Ratel defeated by Brute Ibex.

Hitomi transforms in her battle mode and approaches her opponent with a request to have her use the same move she used to beat Kazama Kaede in the preliminaries, saying that she will counter it with one Slash. Hitomi takes the full impact of Brute Ibex's horn attack and gets back up severely injured. She then gets hit with the same attack, after she smiles asking Brute Ibex to perform it once again, and becomes confident that she will be able to take her down after getting hit a few more times. Brute Ibex charges once again and hits Hitomi with her horns. However, the situation changes after Hitomi sees an opening to grab ahold of one of Ibex's horns with her right hand and scratches her face. Hitomi then swings around her crippled left arm to slash at Brute Ibex and causes her to run forward off a cliff. As they both fall, Hitomi happily comments on how her opponent is vexing but fun to fight as well, and is hit headfirst towards the ground after Brute Ibex grabbed on to her legs. Hitomi falls unconscious in the end and is officially defeated by Brute Ibex. Shortly after, Hitomi wakes up and accidently slashes Yuuya after he flew down to check on her condition and stands back up with full excitement in her eyes as she looks at Brute Ibex. She then tells her that she was not a bad fighter and faints.

Isn't It Too Much, Inaba San?????[]

Hitomi Uzaki also appears in the Spin-Off Series who is a Major Supportive Protagonist and was seen in Chapter 6.