The one whose fangs are the sharpest wins. Thus, Killing Bites.
— Hitomi's Catchphrase

Uzaki Hitomi (宇崎 瞳 Hitomi Uzaki?) is one of the protagonists of the Killing Bites manga. After a rather fateful meeting with Yūya Nomoto, she becomes a temporary ally with Ishida Zaibatsu. She's an integral part of Reiichi Shidō's mysterious agenda.


Hitomi has white hair, brown eyes and possesses a curvy, athletic body. She normally wears her high school uniform, which is a white unbuttoned collar shirt with a red bow, a brown jacket, a blue skirt, white socks that goes up to her legs and sandals. As for her fighting attire, Hitomi prefers to wear a simple white crop top and exposed panties while walking bare foot.


Hitomi has a fierce personality that makes her out to be rather unfriendly around others. She will pick a fight against anyone, Brute or not, with very little provocation if they annoy her. She has no shame or resistance in her state of dress when fighting but is conscious about acting more feminine despite her tomboyish attitude. Hitomi isn't exactly knowledgeable about most perverts unless they make a move. For example, when Yuuya accidentally grabbed her breast, Hitomi blushed and called him a pervert, followed by a punch to the face. However, when she was misguided by Eruza into dressing as a maid while keeping some of her Brute traits visible such as her ears and tail, she was oblivious to the fact that other boys were completely ogling her until much later on. She also has a fondness for sweets which makes her give off a cute, normal girl expression on her face. The most common times when Hitomi will break out of her violent behavior is whenever she encounters Reiichi Shidō (or be given an order by him through communication), changing into a respectful, sweeter and cuter person that is very obedient.

Because of her strong genes as a Ratel, Hitomi never backs down from a fight no matter how dire her situation is, due to the fact that she has never experienced fear since the moment she was born. She is also naturally very confident in her abilities that makes her out to be extremely arrogant. Despite the odds being 100:0 in her match against the champion Brute Leo, Hitomi confidently told the Brute that she was guaranteed to win and arrogantly mocked him. Her victory even led her to forget his name after they reunited. In the midst of her battles, Hitomi becomes a fearsome, hot-blooded fighter with an often aggressive disposition that gets an enjoyment fighting strong Brutes. Hitomi believes in her own philosophy that when it comes to Killing Bites the one with the strongest will to fight, which she refers to as "sharp fangs", will be the deciding victor and that speed, power, sex, animal type, etc. are irrelevant.

Abilities & SkillsEdit

Battle ModeEdit

Brute Ratel

Hitomi in her battle mode – Brute Ratel.

Brute Ratel (獣闘士 (ブルート) (ラー) (テル) Burūto Rāteru?) - Having been born with this ability since birth, Hitomi is able to transform her body to gain the characteristics and abilities of the Ratel. When transformed, Hitomi gains black fur with a white tint covering the sides of her body up to under her armpits to her shoulders down to the top of her biceps. Her arms are fully covered in fur, as well as her legs up to her upper mid-thighs. A short tail also sprouts from Hitomi's tailbone and a pair of small ears adorns the top of her head. Her fingers and toenails are replaced with short yet sharp claws and acquires fangs that are shown to reach her teeth.

  • Enhanced Strength - Hitomi has strength far surpassing those of a human. Her strength is great enough to shatter the ground with one of her claws and clash fist with the strongest Brutes such as Yuugo and Kido. She was able to effortlessly escape Onuma's Snake Chain and kick Kido a good distance in his defensive shell. One of Hitomi's most noticeable feats was how she was able to effortlessly release herself from Nodoka's grip in her Megatherium form. She also has impressive leg strength that allows her to jump great heights.
  • Enhanced Speed - Hitomi's speed, agility, and reflexes is also increased in this form. She is able to keep up with Eruza who is by far the fastest Brute in Killing Bites. Hitomi is fast enough to swiftly attack her opponents before they even have time to react, resulting in them falling victim to her claws that can bring immense pain. She showed impressive reaction timing to dodge Jerome's Bear Palm and only end up with a scratch on her face. Hitomi was even capable of reacting fast to Taiga's Zessou after calculating the timing behind his speed from just only seeing it twice.
Hitomi's Pelt

Hitomi's resilient pelt.

  • Pelt - It is a well-known fact that Ratels possess a thick and flexible fur that acts as their natural armor. The pelt of the Ratel is incredibly resilient that it is able to withstand any penetrating force in the animal kingdom, even a lion's fangs. Hitomi was able to survive a barrage of sharp quills from Ryouko that are capable of piercing metal and withstood attacks from extremely powerful opponents such as Taiga, considered the second strongest Brute within the official rankings, and Kido, a savage Brute whose strength and defense overwhelmed the former with incredible ease. Because of her high level of defense, Hitomi takes attacks head on to observe and anticipate them in order to launch a counterattack that brings them down. However, the parts that are left uncovered, such as her stomach, neck and face, acts as her weak spots that her opponents can exploit. Hitomi is also liable to internal injuries such as bone fractures and organ damage. There have also been rare instances where the pelt is not entirely full proof to all attacks and can be penetrated with immense power, such as Kido's razor sharp tail, Nodoka's large claws, and Tasuku's bite force.
  • Claws - Hitomi has razor sharp claws that can rip through her opponent's flesh with ease and cause them to suffer serious blood loss that can result in death. She can even tear their bodies apart, as shown from her fight with Onuma.


    • Slash ( (スラ) (ッシ) () Surasshu?, Literally meaning: Honey Slash) - Hitomi's signature move where she swiftly comes in to slash her target with her claws. It is a standard slash attack but acts as her finisher that is capable of defeating Yuugo, earning her the nickname "Leo Killer". The attack is so lethal that Yuugo was unable to participate in the Killing Bites Destroyal due to his arm not completely recovered.
  • Adrenaline: A particular trait to Hitomi's ratel transformation is that the more she's harmed, the more aggressive and battle aware she becomes.

Origin Beast ModeEdit

Origin Beast Anime

Hitomi in her Origin Beast Mode.

Origin Beast - Described by Shidou as the perfect combination of human and animal since birth, this is Hitomi's "true form". Her animal traits become much more prominent, her fur covering her legs and hips completely and her hair growing longer and wilder.

  • Enhanced Strength: In this form, Hitomi's physical conditioning increases becoming an incredible fighter who's speed is so far only surpassed by Eruza and, probably, Inaba. In this form she was able to deliver a fatal blow to Kido which, even though it didn't kill him, it knocked him out for a brief moment, even exposing his brain mass in the process.
  • Enhanced Instincts: Her instincts become even more enhanced than before and Hitomi dons on a much more animalistic and wilder behavior, toying with her opponent while delivering deadly attacks, while keeping most of her sanity.

Fighting StyleEdit

Hitomi, like several other brutes, has no defined fighting style. Instead she relies completely on her instincts. Due to the nature of her own transformation and her own straightforward personality, she has only one move in her entire arsenal, unlike many other brutes whom have developed more complex and diverse techniques. Despite this, Hitomi can be quite clever and tactical in combat, for she's able to exploit the weaknesses of her opponents whenever she discovers them such as Kido's severed right eye which left him a blind spot, or when she had Inaba use her echolocation to discover the strategy of the Reptile twins.

Fast LearningEdit

She was able to counter Brute bear's attack after seeing it once before, as well as timing Taiga's Tiger Cannon after letting herself get hit by it twice.


Major BattlesEdit


  • Unlike all other therianthropes, she was born as one. Thus known as an original beast.
  • She is a fan of honey vanilla ice cream.
  • Before she was found by Shidou in China, Hitomi was named Chùshēng [畜牲. lit. Animal] by the locals, a word that can refer to the six common livestock animals or can be used as an insult.
  • When she cries for having “killed” Nomoto, it is suggested she developed feelings for him.
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