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Shinna Ryuji
Shinna Ryuji.png
Japanese Name 椎名 竜次
Rōmaji Name
Alias Brute Crocodile
Gender Male
Height 180cm
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Shinna Agito ( Brother )
Occupation Brute
Affiliation Sumitomo Zaibatsu
Debut Chapter 5; Episode 2
Seiyuu Katsuyuki Konishi
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Shinna Ryuji was a member of Sumitomo Zaibatsu.


Before transforming, he has brown hair and brown eyes. As with most of the reptile brutes, his transformation is much more in-depth. His head and body both replicate a crocodile and, later on, he grows a tail as well.


He is regarded as the ace of the Sumitomo Zaibatsu. While confident in his abilities, unlike his associates Onuma and Kazama, he doesn't fool around while fighting and goes for the kill whenever possible.


Healing Factor: Ryuji's hybrid form is highly resistant to most bacteria and viruses as well as being able to regenerate from a near fatal wound received by Taiga.

Death mace: he uses his tail like a club and hits with enough force to snap a tree which could easily break bones.

Death bites: he lunges with his mouth wide open and bites down on his opponent.


Ryuji tries ganging up on Taiga with the aid of Shota Yabe, whom he formed a temporary alliance with, only to be fought back with ease. Before Taiga can leave, he is immobilized by Ryuji who traps Taiga’s leg in his jaws. Thankfully, Taiga is suddenly freed from Ryuji’s jaws by the unexpected arrival of Ichinosuke, allowing Taiga to quickly flee to his ordered destination.

A furious Ryuji prepares to fight Ichinosuke with the intent on killing out of revenge for his interference. As Ichinosuke is about to lose against Ryuji their fight is interrupted by the arrival of Kido, Shota's teammate. Without hesitation, Kido kills Ryuji with a single punch without transforming into his hybrid form. He then mercilessly beats Ryuji’s corpse until it is nothing but pieces of flesh and spattered blood upon the forest floor.

Major Battles[]


  • He was the first character to be killed onscreen.