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Nomoto Yuuya (野本裕也 Yuuya Nomoto?) is one of the main protagonists of the Killing Bites series. He previously lived a relatively normal life as a second-year student studying economics at Jyousai University. However, after accidentally coming across Uzaki Hitomi and learning about Killing Bites, Yuuya's life quickly changed. He was forced by her guardian, Shidou Reiichi, to become her investor until the Killing Bites Destroyal. After his task had been completed, Hitomi attempted to assassinate Yuuya per Shidou's orders. Luckily, Yuuya was found by the Ishida Zaibatsu and managed to survive after undergoing Therianthrope Surgery.

Two years following the legislation of Therianthropes. Yuuya spent his life hiding behind the shadows plotting to exact his revenge on the people who betrayed him. His plans started with becoming Inui Pure and Kuroi Tasuku's investor and training Pure to surpass Hitomi in the next Killing Bites tournament.


Yuuya is a tall young man with brown eyes and black hair that is slicked backed to form a cowlick at the top of his head. His usual attire is a blue long sleeve shirt that is opened while wearing another T-shirt underneath with jeans and sneakers.

Two years later, Yuuya's hair is now straight and sports a gray hoodie on top of a shirt and blue pants. Yuuya's eyes are also noticeably more serious and confident compare to his nervous demeanor in the past. He now has a scar that runs through his right shoulder to his middle abdomen that was inflicted by Hitomi.


Yuuya was socially awkward and timid when he's around people before he met Uzaki Hitomi. He usually goes with the flow of things when someone asks him to do something. When he was forced to become a driver for several classmates for a gang rape assault on Hitomi he was terrified at the idea.

When he was brought to the Killing Bites underworld entertainment by Hitomi. He surprisingly handled it well and gained a little confidence in himself by playing the game and by being with Hitomi.

He had started to developed romantic feelings for Hitomi during the time with her. However, when Hitomi betrayed him and left him to die, he became cold, calm, and calculating. Yuuya survived the ordeal and became angry at the people who tried to dispose of him after the Killing Bites match, so he plotted a vendetta against them. He was also forced to fake his own death and went into hiding, due to the Killing Bites organization to influence and power. While in hiding, he began to learn and did extensive research about animals, the Killing Bites organization, and anyone and anything related to it so he can destroy them. After surviving the assassination, he puts the façade of a bystander in the audience while acting innocently no matter what the situation. In reality, he was actually observing and analyzing both Killing Bites fights and audience behavior to extract information to his advantage. His façade can fool people he met for the first time into thinking that he's an ordinary person. He has become fearless and courageous during his two years of absence. The only time Yuuya drops his façade was when he became angry; the bloodlust and killing intent that he restrained becomes visible to any therianthrope and humans who have strong instincts.

Abilities and Skills[]

Intelligence - Even when he hasn't played the Killing Bites game before, he handled very well under pressure. This is shown when he implemented plans that doesn't break the rules of the game by using the terrain to his advantage. He can make a common household pet to a strong combatant when they're up against stronger animals. When Yuuya faked his death, he spent his time honing his brains and brawn while blending into his environment to remain inconspicuous. He was able to avoid detection from the Killing Bites staff and sponsored Zaibatsu for 2 years undetected while planning his vendetta. Yuuya was able to gain some connections with the Killing Bites underworld due to them having the same enemies like him. As a former economic university student, Yuuya constantly learns new things on his own from laws, businesses, governments, and criminals. Yuuya can use the loopholes in-laws to his advantage and find ways to put someone at a disadvantage, while also knowing the status and position they hold. He's incredibly resourceful as he can make logical decisions that can make people listen to him over their pride and ego.

    • Knowledge of Zoology - The most dangerous part of Yuuya is his knowledge of animals. For a few years in hiding, Yuuya studied and extensively researched many types of animals. The research includes their characteristics, traits, and behaviors from the common household pet to predatory animals. He knows many types of animals, their roles in history, and their physiology. With that knowledge, he can discover the strengths and weaknesses of an animal and find ways to take down therianthropes. This includes humans as well, he's also able to understand human nature. He also knows the actions and behavior of people whether they're civilians, government officials, military, and criminals by studying their history to observing them.
    • Expert Dog Trainer - He can train dogs from suggestions to just a blow from a whistle as they obediently heed his orders. He can also improve their athletic ability from a blow of a whistle and some training methods. Riku also discovered that Yuuya can bring huge efficiency of training therianthropes to perform over 100% of their power that left him to the brink of death. Uzaki Koyomi also acknowledged that Yuuya can use Pure to his advantage to defeat her or leave her at the brink of death should they fight together.
    • Hunting Intuition - Combined with his intelligence on animals and the terrain, Yuuya's enemies acknowledged Yuuya's prowess in hunting animals with efficiency. By giving commands to Pure, he can use her senses to his advantage to outmaneuver and outwit his opponents. He can also instantly come up with an efficient plan by analyzing their movements, behavior, and attacks just by observing them.

Battle Mode[]

Crow ( (カラス) ?) - After coming close to death by Hitomi's assassination attempt, Yuuya underwent Therianthrope Surgery by the Ishida Zaibatsu to save his life. Upon surviving, Yuuya was given the genetic makeup of a crow and can transform his body to gain the characteristics and abilities of said animal. Instead of assuming a full transformation, Yuuya initiates a partial transformation on his arms to gain crow wings for flight. His skin also becomes noticeably darker.

  • Wings - Yuuya is able to morph his arms into large wings of a crow to fly. He has demonstrated to be very swift and agile as he managed to have Hitomi lose track of him on his way to Jutrick Park and caught her on time to save her from being crushed by Nodoka's claw.
  • Vision -

Fighting Skills: Yuuya honed his body to a high degree and practiced different forms of martial arts to combat against his enemies while applying his knowledge on animals at the same time.


  • He is the very first confirmed Avian Therianthrope in the series.