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Eruza Nakanishi (中西 獲座 Nakanishi Eruza?), also known as Brute Cheetah (獣闘士 (ブルート) () () () Burūto Chīta?), is a therianthrope and a Brute affiliated with Yatsubishi Zaibatsu. She is also the proud younger sister of Nakanishi Taiga.


Eruza has shoulder length, caramel brown hair, that she keeps tied in short twin tails with a pair of sphere-shaped ornaments, and brown eyes (dark red in the anime). She has a slightly short stature and a small chest compared to most females in the series. Her casual attire consists of a white long sleeve collar shirt with a blue tie, a grey yellow sweater vest, a dark grey blue skirt, navy blue socks, and black shoes. When competing in Killing Bites, Eruza wears a cheetah print tube top and a matching sarong skirt.

Two years later, Eruza allows her hair to fall back, switches to a short sleeve collar shirt, and leaves her sweater vest absent. After entering the Killing Bites Sudden Death, Eruza decides to cut her hair short.


When in public, Eruza can be seen as being a little childish, naughty, and quite playful, as she stole Hitomi's panties and ran away gleefully with them just to make the former chase after her. She was also more than willing to cosplay and pose for Yuuya's club members. When participating in Killing Bites, however, Eruza becomes more serious, violent, and bloodthirsty, seeing herself as a "hunter" who shows no mercy to her prey. When it came down to her and Ui during the Killing Bites Destroyal, Eruza pursued her knowing full well that she was weaker than her after the latter attempted to escape. She furiously tried slashing Hanzaki Moe's body to ribbons and ultimately went for the kill by piercing through her chest. Regardless if they are not engaged in a match with her, Eruza shows no hesitation in taking down any opponents she spots if they were to present her with an opportunity to strike, believing that that is how a cheetah is meant to fight. Though she is ruthless, Eruza can show some leniency if she is satisfied with how things went her way, as she chose to not kill Hitomi while she was down unconscious after gaining the victory over Kido.

She has great confidence in her abilities, especially in her speed, and frequently spouts off to her opponents with arrogance while holding a smile on her face. As a veteran Brute, Eruza looks down on rookie competitors, viewing them as weak due to their inexperience, and was determined to put them in their place during the Killing Bites Deathival by ruthlessly attacking many as she could. Eruza also takes great pride in being a Brute and can become displeased when other Brutes do anything despicable when participating in Killing Bites, as she found Moe to be a disgrace after she tried using her Salamander Fire.

Eruza is loving, loyal, and greatly respects Taiga, as he is the only family she has left and the person responsible for giving her courage. She was quite concerned over Taiga's wounds after his defeat against Kido, and wanted to get him to the hospital as soon as possible. After being told about Taiga's critical injuries after fighting Uzaki Koyomi, Eruza immediately rushed over to the hospital and was heartbroken to see her brother in critical condition. She also believes that Killing Bites is not as exciting without her brother participating.


Eruza is the younger sister of Taiga and represents the Yatsubishi Zaibatsu alongside her brother Taiga. She first meets Hitomi when she transfers to Yuya’s university. Both end up wearing cosplay in an attempt to cover up their Hybrid identities while students from the photography club photograph them.

When the Destroyal begins, Hitomi meets Eruza's older brother Taiga. It is there she expresses desire to kill Hitomi. Eruza is maneuvered into an area not covered by the camera, allowing Kaede Kazama (a Gecko Hybrid) and Den Onuma (a Cobra Hybrid) to restrain her with Den intending to rape her only to be saved by Hitomi who had been moved there by Yuya to save Eruza and promptly attacks Den. Having being distracted by Hitomi, Den's face is then slashed by Eruza who wounds him in retaliation. Reluctantly deciding to team up, Eruza fights Kaede while Hitomi decides to fight Den. During the fight, Kaede further transforms into a monstrous Gecko and overpowers Eruza; but Den is defeated after Hitomi incapacitates him by slicing off his genitals before the two confront Kaede who chooses to flee rather then face the two at once on her own.

Just as Eruza and Hitomi are excited to finally have their confrontation, they suddenly find themselves kissing each other lustfully in the midst of their duel. They find the cause of this is due to be drugged by a new rival by the name of Kaori Rikujo, a Civet Hybrid from Yatsubishi who can produce a pheromone that causes uncontrollable lust. Hitomi then manages breaks free from the lust by focusing on her real lust for Shidoh.

When Takeshi Kido is on his death throes, a recovered Eruza suddenly slashes his throat, finally killing him and making her the Killing Bites Champion.

An unconscious Ui Inaba suddenly awakens before Eruza notices her and chases after her. As she tries to flee from Eruza, she accidentally performs a perfect somersault kick; knocking Eruza unconscious. Overseer Shinozaki declares Ui the Killing Bites Champion.

After losing the final match of the first Destroyal against Ui in such an unexpected way, her main purpose from then on has been to get vengeance against her for having been humiliated in that occasion.

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]

Enhanced Speed: Even without transforming, Eruza already possesses great speed and agility, being capable of outrunning a transformed Therianthrope and managed to quickly stop and pounce on her opponent from a great distance a way.

Battle Mode[]

Initial | Full

Brute Cheetah's initial battle mode.

Brute Cheetah (獣闘士 (ブルート) () () () Burūto Chīta?) - Eruza is able to transform her body to gain the characteristics and abilities of the Cheetah. When initially transformed, Eruza sprouts fluffy cheetah ears on the top of her head and a cheetah tail emerges from her tailbone. Her arms and legs are altered to take on the shape of furry cheetah paws with claws and her teeth are sharpen to become fangs.

When deciding to fully transform, Eruza's body becomes completely covered in a cheetah pelt, with the only parts that are left uncovered are her breasts (which blends in with her nipples) and her abdomen. Her cheetah spots extend all the way up to her face and she also gains the noticeable two tear lines of a cheetah that run from the corners of her eyes to the sides of her mouth. Her nose also morphs into a feline's.

Stats Strength Speed Technique Intelligence Endurance Spirit
Brute Cheetah's Data.png 2/5 5/5 4/5 3/5 2/5 4/5

Brute Cheetah's speed.

  • Enhanced Speed: As a cheetah Therianthrope, Eruza's already great speed is enhanced to reach the fastest mammal on land, which boosts it to an incredible top speed of about 120 km/hr, while accelerating to 72 km/hr in as little as two seconds. As a result, Eruza is known as the fastest Brute in Killing Bites and has yet to face anyone who could keep up with her. Using her superhuman speed, Eruza is able to strike her opponents with such swiftness that they will not know what struck them until it is too late.
  • Enhanced Vision: Along with her enhanced speed, Eruza's eyesight is also adjusted to allow her to keep a sharp focus on her opponents. From Eruza's perspective, high speed movement appear much slower, which grants her extraordinary reflexes to dodge oncoming attacks. An example being Moe's Salamander Fire, whose fluids appeared as mere soap bubbles floating in the air. Her eyes also helped her to endure Kaede's Vander Swing, which she commented on as an attack that only made her feel dizzy from the slow motion.
  • Non-Retractable Claws: Eruza also counts for her razor sharp dew-claws that, when combined with her blinding speed, allows her to cut through her opponent's flesh like butter. As a matter of fact, the secret behind her explosive speed lies within her claws that are always gripping the ground.
  • Endurance: Eruza possesses impressive endurance, being capable of withstanding powerful attacks such as Kaede's heavy punches and was able to get back on her feet after being severely beaten by Brute Leo's Lion's Lashings.

Fighting Style: Eruza is a speed-type fighter, one that relies on delivering as many swift fatal blows as she can upon her opponent. When not fighting seriously, her feline instincts make her turn the fight into a game of cat & mice. However, when the situation gets serious she won't pull any punches. Although not as physically strong as her brother, she has been able to hold her ground for a while against a Destroyal veteran.

    • Zessou ( (ぜっ) (そう) Zessō?): During her match against Hanzaki Moe, Eruza demonstrated that she has proven to be capable of utilizing Zessou, one of her brother's techniques. After positioning herself on all fours, Eruza has her claws dig into the ground in order to launch herself at her opponent with explosive speed and then delivers a death blow before they have anytime to react.


Killing Bites Record
Opponent Brute
Results Finishing Blow Known Record of
W * L * D
Killing Bites Destroyal
Brute Cheetah Vs. Brute Gecko and Brute Cobra
Kazama Kaede
Onuma Den

Brute Gecko
Brute Cobra

Draw - Brute Cheetah is rescued by Brute Ratel.



Brute Cheetah Vs. Brute Gecko
Kazama Kaede

Brute Gecko

Draw - Brute Gecko is forced to retreat by her player.



Brute Cheetah Vs. Brute Ratel (Rematch)
Uzaki Hitomi

Brute Ratel

Draw - Fight interrupted by Brute Civet's Civetone Wrap.



Brute Ratel Vs. Brute Pangolin
Kido Takeshi

Brute Pangolin

Eruza's Victory

Swift slash to the throat.


Brute Cheetah Vs. Brute Rabbit
Inaba Ui

Brute Rabbit

Eruza's Lose

Accidental kick to the chin.


Killing Bites Deathival
Brute Cheetah Vs. Brute Horse, Brute Guinea Pig, and Brute Monkey

Brute Horse
Brute Guinea Pig
Brute Monkey

Eruza's Victory

Swift slash attack


Brute Cheetah Vs. Brute Tasmanian Devil and Brute Salamander
Kuroi Tasuku
Hanzaki Moe

Brute Tasmanian Devil
Brute Salamander

Draw - Brute Cheetah is forced to withdraw due to Brute Gecko's defeat.



Killing Bites Sudden Death
Brute Cheetah Vs. Brute Leo
Tani Yuugo

Brute Leo

Eruza's Victory

Tiger Claw


Misc. Battles
Opponent Brute
Results Finishing Blow Known Record of
W * L * D
Brute Cheetah Vs. Brute Ratel
Uzaki Hitomi

Brute Ratel

Draw - Fight interrupted by Jerome Hongou and Yabe Shota.




  • It is implied she is bisexual with how she "flirts" with Hitomi despite their rivalry.