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Kuroi Tasuku is a protagonist of Killing Bites following the two years time skip. She is a Tasmanian Devil hybrid.


She has a distinct "D" tattoo on her right cheek and lots of tattoos all over her body and a piercing on her lower left lip.

When fighting she only wears a strapless bra and a long skirt.


She comes across to everyone as harsh and a delinquent she is quick to violence and breaks the rules often but she really is a kind and gentle person


Kuroi Tasuku was born to a journalist father and an artist mother. Although her parents' careers were fruitful enough to allow her to grow up with a comfortable standard of living. Due to the demands of their professions lead them to neglect her upbringing. As a result of this emotional neglect, Tasuku developed into a violent delinquent by the time she began school; brutally beating her fellow elementary students with a bat in one instance. Furthermore, she'd frequently gett into fights with other youths (and even adults) all the way up into middle school. Though she developed quite a reputation as a delinquent, she did refrain from causing too serious injury and never got involved with organized crime.

Regardless, years of delinquency allowed her to develop her keen fighting instincts. By the time she was 13, a physical examination proved her to be a formidable candidate for beastification. Tasuku hoped that the beastification process would help her overcome her emotional weaknesses as a fighter, and met with Shidou Reiichi for a consultation session. Although Shidou doubted the psychological benefits of the operation. He encouraged Tasuku with a video of Uzaki Hitomi's (Brute Ratel) exploits as an example of what might be possible should she undergo the operation. Inspired by Hitomi's unyielding ferocity, she takes the operation, and becomes the "Brute Tasmanian Devil".

Years pass, and Tasuku's reputation as a fighter grew as she went undefeated as a back-street Killing Bites champion. In this time, she befriended the likes of Hanzaki Moe, Arimori Gou, and Lambert Ogata. Eventually, she decided to enter an official Killing Bites exhibition, in order to gain sponsors for official tournaments. At the sign-up queue, Tasuku cut in front of Inui Pure (Brute Beagle), who offered little objection to such an intimidating delinquent. Ironically, Tasuku's opponent is none other than Pure, who was able to put up a surprisingly strong fight (despite Tasuku and the audience's low expectations of her). The fight didn't reach a conclusion, as interference from Nomoto Yuuya leads to the pair's disqualification.

A short time later, Tasuku rescued Pure from sexual predation at the hands of a notoriously crooked bureau official. Further intervention from Nomoto provides the two with official sponsorship. Afterward, Pure and Tasuku become inseparable, much to the latter's chagrin. Tasuku did gradually warm up to Pure, and the two would become best friends.

She was taked down by Uzaki Nodoka And Inaba Ui, Haibuchi Ena And Onuma Den Were all Interrupted before Nomoto Yuuya and Inui Pure finishes Her.


As a Tasmanian devil, she is very agile and has razor-sharp claws and fangs. She also has a powerful bite strong enough to pierce through Ratel's skin.

Devil Groan: She unleashes a high pitch shriek that paralyzes all who hear it.

Emergency Evolution: Allows her to develop rapidly in the midst of battle.

Major Battles[]


  • She's the first marsupial hybrid seen in the series to be named.