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Inaba Ui (稲葉 初 Ui Inaba?), also known as Brute Rabbit (獣闘士 (ブルート) (ラビ) Burūto Rabi?), is a therianthrope and the well-known champion of the Killing Bites Destroyal. After her victory, Ui went into hiding in order to avoid anyone who would challenge her and eventually rounded up managing Carrot Field, a place where Brutes can fight in an unofficial ring.

In the spin-off manga series Isn't It Too Much, Ibaba San?????, Ui is the main protagonist where her life is focused on her side job as a hostess.


Ui is a girl of average height with a medium build, long pink hair and brown eyes. Most noticeably, her upper teeth are at times visibly shown whenever she opens her mouth, which, befitting her alias, gives off the impression that she has buck teeth similar to a rabbit. Her public attire is mainly a long sleeve sailor uniform, white knee socks, and sandals. When participating in Killing Bites, Ui switches to wearing a white tube top and skirt.

After becoming the manager of Carrot Field, Ui wears a business suit (which appears to doesn't fit her size), along with a hat and glasses to make her appear professional around others as the former Killing Bites champion.


Timid, and cowardly, she runs away from fights since she feels too weak to fight. She finds digging fun and when digging a tunnel, she forgets about everything else.



Ui lived a life being bullied and looked down on by everyone around her, including her family, for not being good at anything when it came to either school or sports. Upon being confirmed that she was compatible for Theriomorphosis Surgery, Ui became overjoyed after thinking that she could potentially redeem herself as a therianthrope. However, to add insult to injury, Ui's surgery revealed that the animal that she is most akin with is a rabbit, an animal with low-level capabilities. For reasons unknown, despite having zero combat abilities, Ui decided to participate in Killing Bites as Brute Rabbit but finds herself losing and running away from each opponent she faces.

Abilities and Skills[]

Having the lowest stats in Killing Bites, along with her cowardliness to face anyone in a fight, Ui holds the position of being by far the weakest character in the series. Even before becoming a Therianthrope, Ui had already possessed zero talent or skills in anything when she was only human and has even come to terms with the fact that she is useless. Due to her battle mode possessing zero fighting power, Ui is easily outclassed by her Killing Bites opponents and can only choose to flee in panic.

Battle Mode[]

Ui in her battle mode – Brute Rabbit.

Brute Rabbit (獣闘士 (ブルート) (ラビ) Burūto Rabi?) - Ui is able to transform her body to gain the characteristics and abilities of the Rabbit. When initially transformed, Ui sprouts rabbit ears on the top of her head and a fluffy tail emerges from her tailbone. Her arms are morphed into rabbit paws while the lower half of her body becomes covered in white-fur, along with her legs turning into rabbits feet. Her upper teeth are also altered to become similar to a rabbit's.

Stats Strength Speed Technique Intelligence Endurance Spirit
Inaba Ui's Data.png 1/5 4/5 2/5 2/5 1/5 1/5
  • Enhanced Speed: As a rabbit, Ui's most prominent physical ability is her speed. With her rabbit legs, Ui can repel herself and run at an acceleration speed comparable to a cheetah's, which allowed Ui to keep herself from getting caught by Shota during the Killing Bites Destroyal. Though the animal's running technique is similar to a cheetah's, it is a fact that the rabbit cannot outpace or survive a direct confrontation with the latter, as shown when Ui was unable to make a quick getaway after being confronted by Eruza.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Ui's rabbit ears grants her enhance hearing to detect every single bit of noise around her, which allows her to detect any dangerous enemies nearby like a radar. This however makes her ears very sensitive to harmful noises such as a dog whistle.
  • Very Nimble: Has the ability to escape almost any situation with evasive maneuvers such as, digging underground, or running away.

Luck: Ui has an extraordinary amount of luck that her victories are usually won through accidental encounters. She is also able to survive the dangerous Killing Bites fights unharmed at the cost of her dignity.


Ui grew up with a very troubled life. According to her, her parents constantly regarded her useless, and she was frequently bullied in school for her quiet, timid nature. Looking to improve herself, she applied herself for the hybridization process, scoring very highly on the compatibility exams. To her dismay however, the resulting process turned her into a Rabbit Therianthrope, a form considered overall very useless. This makes her very weak when it comes to strength, and due to this she usually runs away from Killing Bites fights. But after meeting Hitomi and Nomoto, she starts to learn that she can be more useful than she had previously thought, even if by accident.

Major Battles[]


  • Even without it being a means of escape she seems to really enjoy digging, even if digging lands her in more trouble than she was in to begin with.