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"Shit, I Might Fall For You" is the second episode of the Killing Bites anime.


Hitomi arrives to save Yuya. The Hybrid reveals herself as Ryoko Araka, a porcupine Hybrid from the Yatsubishi Zaibatsu, who uses metallic quills as stabbing weapons. She had intended to kill Yuya so Hitomi would have no investor for future matches but decides to kill Hitomi instead. As they battle it is revealed that Hitomi’s honey badger skin is too tough to pierce, even with metal weapons. As Ryoka prepares another attack she is knocked out by a Hippopotamus Hybrid named Ichinosuke Okajima who asks Hitomi to join the Ishida Zaibatsu. Hitomi angrily refuses, until she receives a message from Reiichi, and agrees to fight her next death match as a representative of the Ishida. Hitomi transfers to Yuya’s university where the boredom of classes forces her to go to a bathroom for a unique reliefe. However, the forced position on an unconfortable cubicle besieges her with 4 walls. But these covers for her natural moment are broken when she meets Eruza Nakanishi, a weirdo who apparently gets excited when she sees a partner peeing on a toilet and having a soaked vagina covered only with a big skirt. Unfortunately for Hitomi, her undies aren't covered. Nakanishi forces her to cut the urine-line that was getting straight to the toilet. Nakanishi,chased by Hitomi, finally reveals that she's a Cheetah Hybrid also from the Yatsubishi. She enrages Hitomi by stealing her underwear, goading her into a fight. They are interrupted by a representative of the Mitsukado Zaibatsu who informs them that as Hitomi is representing Ishida in the next Death Match they are forbidden from fighting beforehand. Unknown observers of the fight reveal that all four Zaibatsu’s are targeting Hitomi and they will most likely strike during the upcoming Death Match.

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