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Damn, I Think I’m in Love is the fifth chapter of Killing Bites.


After stealing her underwear, Hitomi chases Eruza while in her combat form and exposes herself to the college students, including Yuuya's friend Moriyama who thinks that Hitomi is a cosplayer. Hitomi takes note of how fast Eruza has been running and is suddenly pinned down by her, who reveals herself as Brute Cheetah. Eruza then finds it hard to believe that Hitomi was the who took down Brute Leo and prepares to attack, figuring that the front side of her body left her vulnerable since it is not covered by her defensive pelt. However, Eruza backs away after Hitomi bites her oncoming paw without hesitation and quickly becomes impressed with her fearless attitude, which makes her believe that she is actually stronger than Leo. Eruza reveals that she came for Hitomi under her brother's order to take note of her power and sees that she needs to take matters seriously against her. The two are then interrupted by Brute Bear and his colleague who have come to stop their confrontation until the Killing Bites Destroyal, which the Zaibatsu's (including Eruza's brother) have agreed to cease all violence between participants. Hitomi ignores the warning and attacks the man with the glasses. She is then sent back by Brute Bear and realizes that she missed her target after the man climbed onto the tree branch above him. Having said what needed to be said, the two make their leave and suggests that Hitomi ask Eruza about the details. Meanwhile, two men observe the events from a distance and see that Hitomi will play a big role in the Destroyal.

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Major Battles[]

Uzaki Hitomi vs Nakanishi Elsa