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I Can't Deal with that Atmosphere is the fourth chapter of Killing Bites.


After returning to Yuuya's apartment to treat his wounded leg, Hitomi is asked by Ichinosuke that she join Ishida Zaibatsu but automatically declines, boldly stating that she is the strongest of all the Brutes. Upon warning Hitomi that her way of thinking will not allow her to win Killing Bites, Hitomi becomes anger after thinking she has been underestimated. Yuuya becomes frighten thinking that his life might be endangered but receives a text from Reiichi and shows it to Hitomi who checks her phone as well to see if she got a text from him as well. After reading the text sent by Reiichi to affiliate with Ishida Zaibatsu, Hitomi agrees to work with Ishida Zaibatsu temporarily, much to their surprise. The next day, Hitomi accompanies Yuuya to college and is met by Moriyama, a friend who Yuuya's who becomes thrilled with her appearance. After setting through a boring class lecture, Hitomi goes to the bathroom thinking how the environment is different from where she grew up. She is then met by Nakanishi Eruza, a Brute from Yatsubishi Zaibatsu who has interest in Hitomi and comes to take her underwear.

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