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I Wonder How Many You Can Take (あなたは何本いけるかしら Anata wa Nan Hon Ikeru Kashira?) is the third chapter of Killing Bites.


The Brute Raudi prepares to interrogate Yuuya using her sharp quills to reveal the location of Hitomi, only to notice the Brute Ratel behind her who reveals that she used Yuuya as bait to lure enemies out. Raudi fully transforms into her Brute form with the plan of taking down Hitomi before the next Killing Bites. Hitomi transforms for combat and is engulfed by multiple quills unleashed by Raudi. However, Hitomi survives the attack, revealing that her quills had no effect to her thick fur. Raudi becomes furious and rushes straight in for another attack but is sent crashing by a shoulder thrust from a large man. The man then confronts Hitomi and kneels down asking her for assistance in his group.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Major Battles[]

  • Uzaki Hitomi Vs. Arashina Ryouko