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Brute Ratel Vs. Brute Bear is the Killing Bites Destroyal match between Uzaki Hitomi of the Ishida Zaibatsu Team and Jerome Hongou of the Mitsukado Zaibatsu Team. This is also the first match in the Killing Bites Destroyal.


Brute Ratel defeats Brute Bear.

Using the advice given to him by Tani Yuugo from his first experience fighting Brute Ratel, Brute Bear tries using Brute Ratel's confidence in her defensive pelt against her by opting to use his strongest attack, Bear Palm ( (ベア) (パーム) Beapāmu?), to knock her out. However, Brute Ratel comes in and finishes off Brute Bear with Slash, having already witnessed his attack the first time they encountered each other.


The Killing Bites Destroyal continues with the Mitsukado Zaibatsu Team losing one teammate.