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Arashina Ryouko (粗科 涼子 Ryouko Araka?), also known as Brute Raudi (獣闘士 (ブルート) (ラウ) (ディ) Burūto Raudi?), is a Therianthrope in service to Yatsubishi Zaibatsu.


Ryouko has long red hair, red eyes, and a voluptuous body. To lure in Yuuya, Ryouko wore nothing but a trench coat and a pair of panties.


Ryouko acts as a "femme fatale" where she would seductively lure in men and bring them harm as a sadistic woman who enjoys torturing her victims with her quills. A hobby of hers is to see how many of her quills can her victims take before they die.


Brute Transformation[]

Ryouko in her Brute Raudi mode.

Brute Raudi (獣闘士 (ブルート) (ラウ) (ディ) Burūto Raudi?) - Ryouko is able to transform her body to gain the characteristics and abilities of the Porcupine. In her Brute form, Ryouko's hair is replaced by silver blue quills which also grow from her arms, shoulders and back. A pair of ears sprout from the top of her head and her lower body and bosom are covered by dark fur.

  • Quills: As a porcupine Therianthrope, Ryouko can coat her arms back and head with razor sharp quills that, according to her, can pierce metal. She can also shoot these quills as if they were arrows.


Raudi Storm.

  • Raudi Storm - Ryouko leaps into the air and unleashes a barrage of her quills at her opponent like a rain of arrows.


Killing Bites Destroyal Arc[]

Ryouko targeted Hitomi's financier, Nomoto Yuuya, to have her become ineligible to enter the Killing Bites Destroyal but is approached by Hitomi who used Yuuya to lure out enemies such as her out in the open. Ryouko transforms into her Brute form and blankets Hitomi with her razor sharp quills, however, she becomes shocked to see that Hitomi has survived because of her protective pelt. She rushes in to make another attack but is suddenly sent flying back by Okajima Ichinosuke.

Major Battles[]

  • Arashina Ryouko Vs. Uzaki Hitomi


  • While unnamed in the manga, Ryouko was named in the anime.
  • In the anime, before Ichinosuke made his arrival, Ryouko was taken down by Hitomi's Slash after she survived her Raudi Storm and was about to be killed by her until Yuuya stopped her.
  • Her style of fighting is based on the myth that porcupine's can shoot their quills.